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Pine Marten by Les Pearce

Image; Liz & Les Pearce

Sponsors & Thanks yous

A huge thank you to all of the project’s valued supporters:

Earth & Nature Ltd


Frank Fleming – Ocho Verde Wildlife Preserve

Milner Ecology Ltd (Pine Marten Award)

Anna Duke (Brown Hare Award)

Bernie (Badger Award)

Rui Borralho & Naturlink (Fox & Badger Award)

Kennedy Wild Bird Foods (Badger Award)

Mike Henshaw – Management Support Services (Badger Award)

Karen Edwards (Badger Award)

Flo Rugalies (Badger Award)

Ian & Jo Henshaw (Badger Award)

Colin McConnell (Badger Award)

Keira Washtell (Roe Deer Award)

Bob Shelton (Roe Deer Award)

Gareth Jones (Roe Deer Award)

Catriona McLees (Roe Deer Award)

Christopher Knight (Fox Award)

Dan Coleman (Fox Award)

Neil Armstrong – Trailblazer Outdoors (Fox Award)

Mike Henshaw – Management Support Services (Fox Award)

Alex McConnell (Fox Award)

Steven Fletcher (Earth & Nature Award)

Martin Chapple (Earth & Nature Award)

Ros King & Ali Rusbridge (Owl Award)

Linda Henshaw (Owl Award)

Samuel Crook (Owl Award)

David Allen (Owl Award)

Chris Calow (Owl Award)

Amboceptor Blog (Owl Award)

Amanda Walsh (Owl Award)

Peter Franklin

Peter Bearfield

Chris Swift

Chris Cummings

Ricky Kal

Rob Martin

Simon Macauley

Alan & Linda Henshaw

Thank you to the following for their kind permission to use their excellent photos in our campaign:

Chas Moonie

Les & Liz Pearce

Robert Bannister


Matt Jones

Ros King & Ali Rusbridge

Peter G W Jones

Roger Stewart

Sandra Standbridge

Willie Angus

Brian Dunning

Richard Winn

Frank Greathead