We are a social enterprise, which means we are a not-for-profit organisation.

A combination of profits from our online shop and external grant funding enables us to fulfil our aims of researching and protecting wildlife and natural habitats as well as educating and involving people and communities.

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People & communities to local green spaces & wildlife


Wildlife research & conservation


Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation


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  1. To engage a variety of social groups and communities in their local green spaces and the wildlife they share with them, encouraging involvement, protection and respect.
  2. To research and conserve wildlife and habitats through study and monitoring.


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  1. Use our expertise and equipment both in the UK and internationally to highlight the wildlife in public and private natural spaces, improve conservation, education, research and management of wild animals and wild places and support the protection of these areas, as well as engaging the public with the wildlife that lives in these areas;
  2. Bring people closer to wildlife and make a connection, inspiring people to care about, and want to protect, wild and natural breathing spaces;
  3. Target socially under-represented groups and encourage community interaction and involvement through raising awareness of local wildlife and wild places and encouraging protection, enhancement and respect for these areas.

"Social enterprises are businesses. They make and do things that earn money and make profits like any business.

It is how they work and what they do with their profits that is different; working to make a bigger difference, reinvesting the profits they make to do more good" - Social Enterprise UK

Other cool stuff we do

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We work hard to minimise our impact on the environment. We recycle all cardboard, plastic, batteries and other packaging. For shop orders all cardboard used is made out of 70% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. If you do receive any paper, plastic or polystyrene packaging we have reused these materials from packaging that has been sent to us. Sustainable resources are used wherever possible. We think before we print.


Although we appreciate that some conservation efforts require wild animals to be controlled, we have a strict anti-hunting policy. As such we cannot supply (via sales or rental) camera traps for the purposes of wildlife monitoring with the intention of dispatching any animal.

Societal Benefits

We're a small organisation that aims to produce a big impact. Through our wildlife work we also want to educate people and communities about their local green spaces and wilder neighbours. In doing so we hope to achieve a dual purpose of encouraging people to care for and protect wild animals and habitats while using nature for their own health and well-being.