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iWild North WalesAbout iWild North Wales

NatureSpy’s iWild North Wales project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, sought to directly introduce and connect local people to the wildlife living in their communities across North Wales (Wrexham, Flintshire & Denbighshire).

This was primarily be achieved using wildlife camera traps – remote cameras that are triggered when an animal passes in front of them, snapping a picture or video – in public parks and nature reserves close to communities.

The project offered a unique chance to unobtrusively peer into the lives of the animals that live in our parks and nature reserves.

There were two main aspects of the project;

Firstly, there were free public events at 17 parks and nature reserves close to communities across the three counties. There were two events at each site; at the first event the attendees got hands-on with special wildlife camera traps, which were then set-up so that we could catch a glimpse of the often-unseen wildlife that lives on the doorstep of the local communities.

At the second event we collected the camera traps, downloaded the footage and identified the wildlife.

The second main aspect was submitting the recorded wildlife sightings to local environmental record centre Cofnod and the Mammal Society’s National Mammal Atlas, as well as helping to gather data for Local Biodiversity Action Plans on certain species.

The observations and wildlife data we collected over the course of the project also allowed us to look closely at animal behaviour both on an individual scale and across a whole region; for example looking at what time of day foxes are most active or the distribution of badgers.

In addition to the above, 6 volunteers helped us carry out the project and became fully trained in camera trapping, as well as entering huge amounts of wildlife data into Cofnod’s database.

All footage from the project’s camera traps is available online too – so we can show off North Wales’ wonderful wildlife far and wide.

There had never been a project of this kind in Wales before and we were delighted to share so much of Wales’ unseen natural heritage in a unique way with the people who live here.

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Heritage Lottery Fund
North Wales Wildlife Trust        Wrexham County Council


Denbighshire County Council        Flintshire County Council