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iWild Taliesin

This small area of scrubland in Shotton, bordering a railway line, is the smallest iWild North Wales site. Could this be a potential safe-haven for some mammals?

There was only room for three of our camera traps here, and it was certainly a busy site for dog walkers too. However, inside knowledge said we might find badgers foraging after dark… and they were heard before they were seen!


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The badgers teased us, and we got a record number of shots of just their back-ends… 

What was very exciting was a new behavioural recording for the iWild project – a fox caching food in the tiny patch of woodland on the site. Even more intriguing was that what appeared to be a different, skinnier fox, that found the cache a few days later and promptly gobbled it down.

It highlights the competition that exists between these semi-urban foxes and again provides a great insight into how these community parks are used by wildlife when all the people have gone home. 

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