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iWild Minera Lead Mines

In the shadow of Minera Mountain and at the start of the Clywedog Trail lies Minera Lead Mines. This former 19th Century mining site is returning to a wilder state – but how much wildlife has returned?

The Minera Lead Mines site is long and thin, so in some areas it was difficult to find places for the camera traps; click on the image below to see what we found.


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Despite having to cancel the camera collection event due to the horrendous storms, we were delighted to see yet another polecat – only 3rd record of the iWild project. This was also our best view yet. When we set the camera up there was a dead rabbit on the edge of the river which was later taken by a dog – it is very likely the polecat has been attracted by the remaining smell. 

What’s more, we have a good view of the features of the animal, and it appears as though this is likely to be a pure polecat and not a hybrid polecat-ferret. 

Another mustelid, which we rarely capture on camera trap, also turned up – a stoat. This is actually the very first record of a stoat we have in the iWild project, on the very last site to have camera traps!

Fox minera lead mines

A fox watches a dog and its walker from a distance

Minera Lead Mines is well-used by dog walkers at all hours of the day and night. In one of only two glimpses during the three weeks, a fox stopped in front of one of the camera traps and looked through the trees. Only 4 minutes later, after the fox has moved on, a dog appears running down the same small track. It’s an interesting clip which really does show how we share our parks and nature reserves with wildlife, even though we might not know it at the time. 

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