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iWild Gathering Grounds

This very small park in Flintshire, surrounded by housing estates and roads, gave us some big surprises. Of the 5 camera traps that were here in February-March, 2 had completely full SD cards and 2 others were close to full. After night falls and all the dog walkers go home, the wildlife comes out…

What is immediately clear is that badgers rule this park in the darkness, running riot, fighting, playing, digging and even mating.

We thought the camera traps might find a few foxes at Gathering Grounds, and we counted at least 3 individuals – including one that was missing half its tail! Watch the video below.

This is exactly what we’d hoped the iWild project would do – shine a light on the hidden wildlife in our public parks. The badgers and foxes in Gathering Grounds were seen across Wales too when they featured on BBC Wales Today…!


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