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iWild Etna Park

Etna Park is a former clayhole and landfill site, but has been regenerated into a park rich with wildflowers and woodlands. But have the mammals returned as well?

Being such a small site, there was only enough locations for 3 of our cameras. That still resulted in over 250 wildlife records, and one particularly unexpected visitor…


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Yes – not long after capturing our first iWild polecat at Coed y Felin (not too far away), yet another turned up at this small park in semi-urban Flintshire. A fantastic record and great to know these rare mammals are surviving here. It is a little too difficult from the clips we’ve got to tell whether it is a pure polecat or polecat-ferret however. 

The usual suspects were kicking around, but no foxes were picked up for only the second time in the whole project. However, with just 3 camera traps out, it could be that they gave us the slip. 

Badgers made a couple of brief appearances, but another bizarre bit of behaviour was a squirrel running past with a decent-size mushroom in its mouth – in fact, though not often seen, squirrel diets do include the odd mushroom, particularly at the time of year the camera traps were out. 

The polecat clips were a great way to end the iWild project in Flintshire, and we’re hoping to have the opportunity to camera trap here again in the near future…

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