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iWild Coed y Felin

Coed y Felin, a North Wales Wildlife Trust reserve, is an ancient broadleaved woodland, stretching for half a mile along the Afon Chwiler Valley. 


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Firstly, the most exciting sighting from Coed y Felin was definitely the polecat. We’d been hoping for some time to capture one, and it took nearly a year to do so! Even more satisfying was that NatureSpy volunteers sited that particular camera trap with the express goal of capturing the little mustelid…

It is also thought to be the first picture/video record for polecat at Coed y Felin. Read more about the siting and its importance here.

Another clip of interest was a domestic cat hunting on the reserve – something we’ve picked up at many sites so far. 

There were a relatively high amount of wildlife records from Coed y Felin (296) – though it must be said that the majority were grey squirrel, which have become the most common mammal we’ve captured throughout the project. 

Still, foxes and badgers did occasionally turn up, and we recorded great spotted woodpecker on site too – the 4th record for the project. 

With just a couple of iWild sites left to go, the wildlife records are coming in thick and fast!

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