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iWild Coed Pen y Pigyn

This woodland on the edge of Corwen is down as one of the last strongholds of one particularly enigmatic mammal – the red squirrel. We approached this site armed with squirrel feeders hoping for a glimpse…

iWild Coed Pen y Pigyn Bushnell camera trap

Unfortunately, the camera traps only found grey squirrels over the 3 weeks they were here – bad news for the reds. The site was altogether much much quieter than we had anticipated – by far the quietest iWild site so far, with just 31 wildlife records.

A jay did provide some entertainment however, even if it was on a camera set for the red squirrels. This camera was set up overlooking Corwen, with the plan that we could capture a red squirrel and the Denbighshire town as a backdrop.

With no red squirrels in sight, the jay at least was a consolation, trying to peck away at the squirrel feeder and get at the peanuts within…


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The iWild staples of foxes and badgers again were completely absent from our camera traps at Coed Pen y Pigyn – even rabbits proved rare. 

Hopefully the next iWild Denbighshire sites will be busier…!

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