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iWild Coed Bell

Coed Bell is an ancient hilltop oak woodland and in spring is carpeted in bluebells. We were slightly late for the bluebell show, although a few of Coed Bell’s inhabitants did show themselves..


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Another (yes, another) buzzard turned up right in front of one of the cameras – the fourth time this has now happened during the project. In the clip above, it also seems to have caught something – but its just out of shot, and in the shadow of the bracken. Even adjusting the image brightness, it’s hard to see what its got hold of! 

It was great to get the resident fox in colour – one of just 3 fox clips over the period the camera traps were out.

Coed Bell was a very quiet site compared to the other iWild North Wales project sites, with very few records gathered – any sightings we had of the wildlife were often just 1 or 2 clips for each species. Its not immediately clear why this might be the case, although the whole of Coed Bell was carpeted with very thick brambles and bracken, meaning we were quite limited in where we could actually put the camera traps. 

We did find a few spaces and did expect to find badgers – but even these showed up relatively few times during the 3 weeks the cameras were out. 

The iWild project has seen some big differences between comparatively similar sites – some are jam-packed with busy wildlife, whilst others seem to be very quiet. We’ll be taking a closer look at these differences once all the data comes in at the end of the project… 

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