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iWild Bishop’s Wood

This ancient oak woodland near Prestatyn, rich with wildflowers, is known for its diverse wildlife. This was the first time the site had seen camera traps – but what did we get a glimpse of?

The site is extremely steep in places, which means much of it is untamed and wild – perfect for wildlife. Walking around the site shows plenty of signs of one large mammal – badgers…

It didn’t take long until they showed up, clearly unperturbed by the steep sided woodland…


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A surprise was yet another buzzard stopping in front of one of the camera traps – the fourth time this has now happened in the iWild project!

Foxes again kept up their record of appearing at all but 1 iWild site, with at least 2 appearing to use Bishops Wood (with one doing a pretty decent ringtail lemur impression).

Fox on camera trap in Wales

Badgers are certainly the rulers in this woodland however – they appeared just as bold and brash as badgers in other semi-urban sites that the project has visited. You would expect the badgers to be a little elusive, even sheepish – but again and again, the camera traps show that this isn’t the case.

Badger on camera trap in Wales

Bishops Wood has now put the total iWild wildlife records at over 2,600 – more than we expected at this stage, with 7 sites still to go


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