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iWild Aberduna

iWild Aberduna camera trap set upA coppiced woodland and limestone grassland with stunning butterfly diversity, owned by North Wales Wildlife Trust. Another site that had never had camera traps on it before…

Aberduna is right next to the tiny village of Maeshafn and the reserve is nice and secluded. It is also close to Loggerheads, where we’d previously picked up lots of wildlife records – so we had high hopes here.

The camera trap set up day was rather wet, and all in the group got soaked through… but was it worth it?!


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As you can tell, badgers certainly weren’t shy at Aberduna! Every single camera trap recorded their presence, and they were very active.

In fact, we’d barely turned the camera traps on and rabbits, badgers and ponies were quick to make themselves known.

The ponies here are used by North Wales Wildlife Trust to graze the limestone grassland areas for conservation purposes. ‘Mary’, in particular, showed up on the camera traps quite a lot…!

We were also pleasantly surprised by the first daytime clip in the iWild project of a bank vole, on a camera trap we set up to look what was living in the crevices of a small rocky area.

The final week the camera traps were here was the week of bad storms in the UK, and we noticed a clear drop-off in activity during this week – barely any wildlife was captured, in a big contrast to the week before. They clearly had more sense…

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