Supporting wildlife monitoring and conservation projects and working with like-minded groups is one of our key objectives and we currently partner with some amazing organisations carrying out vital work around the world.

Working Together For

People and Wildlife

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Current Project Partners

An NGO founded in 2013, Bioterra aims to research, photograph and protect the natural heritage of Croatia, to evaluate and preserve nature and biodiversity, raise public awareness of potential threats to both wildlife and habitat and promote biological science at a popular, professional and scientific level.

The main aims of OCS is studying the status and ecology of wild carnivore populations in the Far East of France (predominantly wolf, lynx and forest cat) identifying the steps needed to be taken for their protection and the subsequent development and implementation of the necessary conservation programmes.

Interested in becoming a project partner?

We’re keen to support global conservation efforts so if you work in wildlife research and conservation and your project would benefit from additional camera traps get in touch via the form below to enquire about collaboration opportunities.

Just fill out an expression of interest form and we’ll get back to you.