First baby beavers born in Yorkshire on trail camera

Baby beavers born in Yorkshire

The first baby beavers born in Yorkshire for over 300 years have been filmed by camera traps set up by NatureSpy and Forestry England in Yorkshire. The beavers are part of an enclosed release trial in Cropton Forest to help prevent flooding as part of a 5 year trial, and there were hopes the female was pregnant. The trail cameras provided the first proof – 2 little bundles of fluff

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One of the first beavers in Yorkshire on camera trap

Not Canada… Beavers in Yorkshire!

It may look like Canada or the wilds of Europe, but this is one of Yorkshire’s newest residents – the first beavers in the region for over 400 years… These wonderful images come from Forestry England’s enclosed beaver release trail at Cropton Forest.  This is the culmination of a huge amount of work behind the scenes and led by Cath Bashforth, Forestry England’s Ecologist for the region.  NatureSpy have supported the

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Survey Spotlight: Stoats!

By Ed Snell, Yorkshire Pine Marten Officer This isn’t quite the mustelid we’re looking for, but one of our recent pine marten surveys contained so many clips of stoats it seemed like a great opportunity to give them a spotlight in one of our camera trap compilations… This survey managed to capture stoats in their summer and winter (ermine) coats over a couple of months, including some piebald stoats that

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Goshawks, red stags and busy cameras…

A January update from the Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme… By Ed Snell, Yorkshire Pine Marten Officer When we’re going through camera trap footage from the colder months of the year we generally expect to see less activity as the inhabitants of the forests on the North York Moors become less active over winter. This certainly hasn’t been the case in our camera trap surveys running towards the end of

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yorkshire pine marten november update main image

November pine marten programme update

The latest from the camera traps… By Ed Snell, Yorkshire Pine Marten Project Officer As we move through autumn into winter, we start to see less activity on our camera traps as the wildlife that inhabits the forests of the North York Moors starts to batten down the hatches for winter. We’re yet to see a marten on camera again this year, but this certainly doesn’t mean we’re short of

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