A romp of otters, climbing stoat and red deer herd

By Ed Snell Despite the challenges we face with the pandemic, we’ve managed to keep our camera traps running in search of pine martens in Yorkshire, creating species records for all the wildlife visitors to our cameras along the way. Typically, we see far fewer species on the cameras in winter, it’s common to see the number of videos a camera captures drop down to less than 25% of what

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32 species caught on camera in Dalby Forest during lockdown

By Ed Snell Back in February this year we started a survey of Dalby Forest using camera traps covering the whole forest, little did we know at the time that we were about to go into lockdown, and so a survey that was planned for three months ended up lasting six months. Using 28 Browning Recon Force camera traps – roughly one camera per square kilometre – this survey generated

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Creating species records – volunteers’ picks, part 2 and 3!

Throughout lockdown, our dedicated Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme volunteers were busy creating records for all the species that pass by our camera traps. The first 2 years of the project has generated over 10,000 species records in forests across the North York Moors. We’re grateful as always for the dedication of our volunteers who spend many hours turning these images into ecological records. Anyone that’s reviewed raw footage from

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Yorkshire’s busiest (and only!) family of beavers

By Ed Snell Back in April 2019, Forestry England released two beavers into an enclosure in North Yorkshire as part of Slowing the Flow at Pickering, a project that seeks to reduce flood risk and impacts on communities downstream. Having visited the site before the beaver release and most recently at the beginning of October this year, it’s difficult to explain just how much Yorkshire’s only family of beavers have

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A puma passes a Browning trail camera in Ecuador

NatureSpy updates from lockdown and beyond…

Well… this is all a bit mad. The world has obviously changed quite a bit in the last 6-7 months due to you-know-what, and we thought we’d give a quick update on what that has meant for NatureSpy – both for our customers and the projects we run and partners we work with. Our priority has always been on the safety of our staff and volunteers from the very beginning

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Badger and cubs

Creating species records – volunteer’s picks, part 1!

As part of the 3 year Heritage Lottery Funded Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme, we are creating records of all the species that pass by our wildlife cameras. We use over 50 camera traps as our main survey tools in this project as they effectively give us eyes in the forest 24/7; this is really important when trying to locate a species that’s elusive and a rare sight in Yorkshire.

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