Setting up wildlife cameras for red deer

Camera trap reveals who left the prints…

From Ed Snell, Pine marten project officer When setting up wildlife cameras for the Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme, we’re always on the lookout for features like animal trails and good places to hide away bait. Setting up camera traps on cold but clear January morning The camera trap site in the video below looked great from the start, as animals were clearly using a gap in an old wall,

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A volunteer checks one of the project cameras

Getting the most out of camera traps on the pine marten project

By Ed Snell, Yorkshire Pine Marten Project Officer Camera trap surveys are our main research method on the Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme. This blog post gives some insight into why we think they’re ideal for this kind of project and how we set up our cameras. A project camera trap collected in snowy conditions Over the past 5 – 10 years camera traps have changed a lot on the

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Sparrowhawks on trail camera mating in Wales

Sparrowhawks in a mid-Wales garden

This is our second blog entry from Clare Boyes, a trail camera enthusiast and wildlife recorder in mid-Wales. Here, Clare shares her trail camera encounters with sparrowhawks… (you can read the first blog here) Checking camera traps is always a high point of my week – the buzz of anticipation – not knowing what might turn up next. I had a surprise in early April when one camera, focussed along

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First baby beavers born in Yorkshire on trail camera

Baby beavers born in Yorkshire

The first baby beavers born in Yorkshire for over 300 years have been filmed by camera traps set up by NatureSpy and Forestry England in Yorkshire. The beavers are part of an enclosed release trial in Cropton Forest to help prevent flooding as part of a 5 year trial, and there were hopes the female was pregnant. The trail cameras provided the first proof – 2 little bundles of fluff

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