A puma passes a Browning trail camera in Ecuador

NatureSpy updates from lockdown and beyond…

Well… this is all a bit mad. The world has obviously changed quite a bit in the last 6-7 months due to you-know-what, and we thought we’d give a quick update on what that has meant for NatureSpy – both for our customers and the projects we run and partners we work with. Our priority has always been on the safety of our staff and volunteers from the very beginning

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Sloths and trail cameras - sloth crossing a rope bridge

How do we solve a problem like a sloth?

As many of you may know, camera traps are triggered by a combination of heat and movement. They require these two variables to be present at the same time to work properly, so if something that is warmer than the ambient temperature moves passed the camera then bam – you get your capture. But what about animals that aren’t warmer than the environmental temperature? Cold-blooded animals like reptiles that certainly

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