Wolf howling for camera traps

Howl for the camera!

his is a guest post from a new NatureSpy partners at the Canid Howl Project. NatureSpy is loaning the project 6 trail cameras to help monitor the wolves – hopefully allowing the researchers some additional insights and cool footage!

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Black bear snout on camera trap by Cam Dressel

Meet Cam, King of The Trail Cam!

Meet Cam, King of The Trail Cam! By Tomos Williams A black bear adjust the position of one of Cam’s cameras (Video: Cam Dressel) At NatureSpy we enjoy keeping up with the latest in camera trapping goings-on. This involves keeping a keen eye out for talented camera trappers who capture beautiful images of animals and share the secret world of the wilderness. Cameron Dressel of Virginia, USA, is a budding

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Behind the Spy: Camera trapping under the snow

    Behind the Spy: camera trapping under the snow By Kat Holmes Eeva Soininen is a researcher working to understand the species interactions that take place within food webs in the arctic tundra habitat. She works in seriously cold conditions and recently developed an amazing way to camera trap wildlife under the snow! I was lucky enough to speak to her and find out more. These are likely to

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Behind the Spy: Chicago Wildlife Watch

Behind the Spy: Chicago Wildlife Watch By Kat Holmes There are some exciting citizen science camera trap projects taking place all over the world. We were lucky enough to speak to Dr. Seth Magle, Director, Urban Wildlife Institute at Lincoln Park Zoo. He is one of the brains behind Chicago Wildlife Watch, a collaborative project between the Urban Wildlife Institute and the Adler Planetarium’s Zooniverse team. They have placed camera

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Camera trappers on twitter

Top camera trappers to follow on Twitter

Top camera trappers to follow on Twitter Camera traps and twitter go together better than you might first realise. All you need is a camera trap and a twitter account and you can share your wildlife photos & videos with the whole world. Here are some of our favourite accounts on twitter that regularly share some fantastic camera trap images… Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments

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white tailed jackrabbit colorado camera trap

Camera trapping in Colorado, USA…

Camera trapping in Colorado, USA This is a guest blog from Sue Dickerson, who uses camera traps on her property in Colorado and captures some fantastic images; a few of which she’s shared below… Welcome to Colorado! I use 4-10 game cameras year round on my property in Hartsel, Colorado. Hartsel is located in Park county, Colorado and is pretty much the geographic centre of the state The property is

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