Camera trappers on twitter

Top camera trappers to follow on Twitter

Top camera trappers to follow on Twitter Camera traps and twitter go together better than you might first realise. All you need is a camera trap and a twitter account and you can share your wildlife photos & videos with the whole world. Here are some of our favourite accounts on twitter that regularly share some fantastic camera trap images… Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments

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Frank M Chapman ocelot camera trap

Camera traps and science – how did we get here?

Camera traps, despite being a relatively old technology, are now quickly emerging as a key tool in science and conservation. But how did it get here? It is now fairly well known what a camera trap is; basically a camera in a weatherproof case that is triggered by an infrared sensor when an animal walks past. Camera traps were invented long before many realise and have a long and rich

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