Gray wolf on camera trap

How do wolves move over motorways?

How do wolves move over motorways? By Tomos Williams Wolves have been hunting in Europe for millennia. The development of motorways has left asphalt scars that tear through their natural ranges. Using land bridges gives wolves and other animals the opportunity to cross motorways safely, decreasing the frequency of conflict between animals and humans.  A gray wolf uses a land bridge in Croatia (Photo: Šver et al) Researchers in Croatia capitalised

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Egyptian vulture on camera trap

Return of the Egyptian vulture

Return of the Egyptian vulture By Tomos Williams   Th Egyptian vulture may be the most threatened bird in Greece. It has fallen victim to poison traps and poaching and is now on the IUCN Red List as “Endangered”. The “The Return of the Neophron” project which aims to prevent extinction of the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria and Greece has been using Ltl Acorn cameras to collect data on the

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Elephant on camera trap

Behind the Citizen Spy: Instant Wild

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#34322c” radius=”5″] Behind the Spy: Instant Wild By Kat Holmes Developed by the Zoological Society of London, Instant Wild is a mobile app and website, which displays live wildlife photographs that have been instantly sent from camera traps around the world. Users view, comment on and identify the species seen in the image. This is the first citizen science project of its kind and gives the public a

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Behind the Spy: Camera trapping under the snow

    Behind the Spy: camera trapping under the snow By Kat Holmes Eeva Soininen is a researcher working to understand the species interactions that take place within food webs in the arctic tundra habitat. She works in seriously cold conditions and recently developed an amazing way to camera trap wildlife under the snow! I was lucky enough to speak to her and find out more. These are likely to

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Plitvice Lakes

A visit to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia…

A visit to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia Last week, two of the NatureSpy team were lucky enough to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, the largest National Park in Croatia nestled in Lika, at the southern slopes of the Mala Kapela Mountain chain, and close to the Bosnia-Herzegovina border. Covering approximately 29,482 ha, the lakes were designated a National Park in 1949, and became a UNESCO World Heritage site just thirty years

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Camera trappers on twitter

Top camera trappers to follow on Twitter

Top camera trappers to follow on Twitter Camera traps and twitter go together better than you might first realise. All you need is a camera trap and a twitter account and you can share your wildlife photos & videos with the whole world. Here are some of our favourite accounts on twitter that regularly share some fantastic camera trap images… Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments

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