A puma passes a Browning trail camera in Ecuador

NatureSpy updates from lockdown and beyond…

Well… this is all a bit mad. The world has obviously changed quite a bit in the last 6-7 months due to you-know-what, and we thought we’d give a quick update on what that has meant for NatureSpy – both for our customers and the projects we run and partners we work with. Our priority has always been on the safety of our staff and volunteers from the very beginning

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A volunteer checks one of the project cameras

Getting the most out of camera traps on the pine marten project

By Ed Snell, Yorkshire Pine Marten Project Officer Camera trap surveys are our main research method on the Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme. This blog post gives some insight into why we think they’re ideal for this kind of project and how we set up our cameras. A project camera trap collected in snowy conditions Over the past 5 – 10 years camera traps have changed a lot on the

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On the trail of wolves and lynx…

This post by NatureSpy staff member James McConnell about NatureSpy’s work in Croatia with partners Bioterra, and support from ZSL’s Instant Wild, originally appeared on ZSL’s Conservation website and is reposted here… ‘We will wait here, while Mirko goes to find the place” Mirko doesn’t speak much English at all, so his colleague lets us know what Mirko’s instruction is.  Ed and I stop and watch Mirko, a ranger for

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Croatian Wolf on camera trap

Wild wolf recreates staff photo

NatureSpy staff were in the wilds of Croatia’s Velebit Mountains this April with Rangers from the Northern Velebit National Park as well as with our partners at Bioterra. Here, they were checking on current camera traps and installing new monitoring equipment in the various habitats that make up the park, from dense forests and grasslands to rocky outcrops. This mix of terrain, fauna and landscape means that Velebit is home

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A lingering, licking lynx in the daylight…

Some absolutely stunning footage back this week from one of the camera traps out in Croatia – a rare lynx, in the daylight, scratching and licking a frozen pool. This footage was actually taken back in March this year, but rangers were only recently able to reach the camera due to its remoteness. The same camera also picked up bears sliding on the ice, wolves playing, boar stomping and much

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Croatian cameras now on ZSL Instant Wild!

We’re delighted to announce that the wireless camera traps we run with Bioterra in Croatia are now available on the fantastic Instant Wild website and apps. ZSL’s Instant Wild empowers you to take part in vital conservation work, bringing you LIVE images from amazing locations all around the world. By identifying the animals in each image, you are contributing to conservation and making a positive impact on the future for

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