A lingering, licking lynx in the daylight…

Some absolutely stunning footage back this week from one of the camera traps out in Croatia – a rare lynx, in the daylight, scratching and licking a frozen pool. This footage was actually taken back in March this year, but rangers were only recently able to reach the camera due to its remoteness. The same camera also picked up bears sliding on the ice, wolves playing, boar stomping and much

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Croatian cameras now on ZSL Instant Wild!

We’re delighted to announce that the wireless camera traps we run with Bioterra in Croatia are now available on the fantastic Instant Wild website and apps. ZSL’s Instant Wild empowers you to take part in vital conservation work, bringing you LIVE images from amazing locations all around the world. By identifying the animals in each image, you are contributing to conservation and making a positive impact on the future for

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Wolf pack and lynx surprise from Croatia

Wolf pack and lynx surprise from Croatia Following on from our visit to partners Bioterra in Croatia in November 2017, we’ve started to have some of the images back from the camera traps we took out there. One camera, in particular, has been very fruitful – in the beautiful Velebit National Park. Within just two weeks of action, the camera had picked up two of the species its there to

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NatureSpy Croatia visit

A visit to Croatia and more camera traps

By James McConnell, NatureSpy In mid-November, some of the NatureSpy team headed out to Croatia to visit our partners Bioterra, learn more about their work and deliver 13 more camera traps.  What followed was 6 jam-packed days of driving, hiking, exploring, meetings and… camera trapping! After meeting Lidija and other members of the Bioterra team, we headed away from Zagreb and into Northern Velebit National Park – a land of mountains,

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Huge brown bear meets camera trap

Huge brown bear meets camera trap…

Huge brown bear meets camera trap The latest footage back from our link-up with Bioterra gave us a bit of a shock at first – a huge brown bear, wandering past, through a Croatian woodland in a National Reserve. However – the bear decided it wanted a closer look at the technology being used to monitor wildlife in the area, and spent the next 9-10 minutes investigating… https://youtu.be/eR9yKJD4bec&rel=0 To hear

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Golden eagles on camera trap

Eagles and martens in Croatia

Eagles and martens in Croatia More images have come in from the camera traps in Croatia, through our link up with Bioterra. The stand out images certainly have to be a pair of golden eagles, eating bait intending for lynx and wolves. Golden eagles enjoy a free snack (click for video) Golden eagles are not common birds in the area these camera traps were placed, so the records are extremely

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