SafariSpy: bird brains and warthogs

   Back to SafariSpy SafariSpy: bird brains and warthogs By Kat Holmes I took the camera trap back to the Waterberg mountains to see if I could do better than last time. Obviously practice pays off, I found a great spot where wildlife was passing between the campsite area and the nearby waterhole. Helmeted guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) kept on passing by. We find these very funny birds to watch, their

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Rhino communication camera trap

Behind the Spy: capturing rhino communication

Behind the Spy: capturing rhino communication By Kat Holmes Click for black rhino video (courtesy of Courtney Marneweck) This time I am talking to Courtney Marneweck who is conducting her PhD research on how rhinos use olfactory (sense of smell) communication. She is working through the University of KwaZulu-Natal in  South Africa and is trying to discover how rhinos can communicate with each other through dung odours at their communal middens

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Vulture restaurant

SafariSpy: A restaurant for vultures…

 Back to SafariSpy SafariSpy: A restaurant for vultures… By Kat Holmes The SafariSpy camera trap has been out with Dr Paul Bartels, a lecturer and veterinarian at the Tshwane University of Technology. Paul has set up a vulture supplementary feeding site or “vulture restaurant” on his land in the Magaliesberg mountains near Pretoria. This site offered a great opportunity for SafariSpy to capture these misunderstood birds… As is often the case with camera

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Rhino riding genet

Behind the Spy: capturing the rhino riding genet

Behind the Spy: capturing the rhino riding genet By Kat Holmes I recently got the chance to speak to Dr. Simon Morgan, Director at Wildlife ACT and the man behind the infamous shot showing a genet taking a ride on top of a rhino! Wildlife ACT is a South African based organisation which monitors wildlife in Zululand, a culturally and ecologically rich rural area in the east of South Africa.

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SafariSpy riverine rabbit

SafariSpy: Rare rabbits of the Karoo cavorting in the daylight

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#34322c” radius=”5”] Rare rabbits of the Karoo cavorting in the daylight As our SafariSpy camera has ventured out into South Africa we have met some great people using camera traps to conserve wildlife. This guest blog is by Christy Bragg, Drylands Conservation Programme Manager at the Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa. One of the most amazing things about the simple camera trap is the vast amount of biological information

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African civet

SafariSpy: Mission three…

 Back to SafariSpy SafariSpy: Mission three… By Kat Holmes Last week I was lucky enough to take a camping trip to the famous Kruger National Park and of course the SafariSpy camera trap came along too. I was keeping my camera trapping expectations low because all the campsites have fences, which allow for a (more or less) carefree midnight toilet trip but prevent access to wildlife paths and hot

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