A puma passes a Browning trail camera in Ecuador

NatureSpy updates from lockdown and beyond…

Well… this is all a bit mad. The world has obviously changed quite a bit in the last 6-7 months due to you-know-what, and we thought we’d give a quick update on what that has meant for NatureSpy – both for our customers and the projects we run and partners we work with. Our priority has always been on the safety of our staff and volunteers from the very beginning

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New project in Zambia

We’re really excited to announce a brand new project partner working for wildlife conservation in the heart of Africa – Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness!  Shinganda is a non-profit wildlife restoration project working in Zambia in a 20,000ha conservancy site. This wilderness area is connected via a conservation corridor to Kafue National Park which allows enigmatic species such as lion, leopard, wild dog, cheetah, porcupine, elephant, warthog and kudu to move freely

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Chimpanzee behaviour on camera trap

Understanding chimpanzee behaviour and culture in Africa

    Chimp & See: understanding chimpanzee behaviour and culture in Africa By Tomos Williams & Tobie Wharton Since 2004, Mimi Arandjelovic has been studying wild ape populations at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany and is the project coordinator of the Pan African Programme: The Cultured Chimpanzee (PanAf). Mimi focuses on primate genetics, molecular ecology and conservation biology, and finding efficient means of studying wild animal

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Elephant on camera trap

Behind the Citizen Spy: Instant Wild

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#34322c” radius=”5″] Behind the Spy: Instant Wild By Kat Holmes Developed by the Zoological Society of London, Instant Wild is a mobile app and website, which displays live wildlife photographs that have been instantly sent from camera traps around the world. Users view, comment on and identify the species seen in the image. This is the first citizen science project of its kind and gives the public a

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SafariSpy: Saving the best for last…

   Back to SafariSpy SafariSpy: saving the best for last By Kat Holmes Yes it is the last SafariSpy post for now. Our camera trap has made the long journey back to the UK but not before taking one last outing, which turned out to be the best to date! Kev and Emma, who took the camera trap out on its first outing, took the camera trap out again for

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Yellow mongoose

SafariSpy: a cat back from the dead!

By Kat Holmes The SafariSpy camera trap was recently borrowed by Dr. Richard Meissner, a local researcher who had never used a camera trap before. He placed the camera trap in his garden which lies next to a game reserve. All kinds of visitors cross into his garden including small mammals, birds and even spitting cobras! Let’s see what he captured with our camera trap… First up he captured a

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