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How camera traps work

For more on how camera traps work, have a look at our blog entry on The Joy of Camera Trapping

  • Camera Traps let you photograph animals when you’re not around by using a passive infrared heat-and-motion detector to trigger the camera.
  • They take colour images during the day and black and white images at night thanks to the infrared flash – which is invisible to wildlife and humans.
  • They can be set up anywhere – for example in the garden, field, forest, riverside, garage… and can have fascinating results.
  • They can be strapped to a tree or post and record everything 24/7 for many weeks at a time.
  • Cutting edge technology means videos and photos are often hi-res, ranging from 3mp – 12mp.
  • Digital technology means that the images are ready to view from the in-built SD card immediately.
  • Camera traps have a number of names but are mainly referred to as camera traps, trail cameras, game cameras, remote cameras, and scouting cameras.
  • They are used by a wide range of professionals, including wildlife enthusiasts, wildlife researchers, game rangers/guides, hunters, and anti-poaching units.

Camera traps have led to significant conservation breakthroughs; click on the links for more information.