James NatureSpy


"I think of all the wildlife people never actually see that is often sharing the same space - just when people aren’t using it. Camera traps are a fantastic way to see this wildlife and I’m excited to show people what they’ve been missing”

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"Studying Animal behaviour is a key step in understanding species ecology and aiding conservation. Being able to remotely study animal behaviour via camera traps and other wildlife tech is an exciting opportunity to learn more about animals in a non-intrusive way”

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NatureSpy Team Hannah

Kelly Davies NatureSpy


Kelly Davies is the founder of Vi-Ability, one of the fastest growing and most successful social enterprises in the UK.

Vi-Ability uses sport to tackle social issues and develop communities. Kelly's dedication and hard work has led to Vi-Ability being recognised for several major awards.

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"Getting children to connect with wildlife and nature from an early age is so important. The more they engage and learn about what lives amongst them, the more likely they are to care about what happens to it in the future"

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Helen NatureSpy

Ed NatureSpy


"Specialised in ecological resource management”

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