About NatureSpy

NatureSpy LogoNatureSpy is a non-profit organisation that aims to research and protect wildlife and natural habitats as well as educating and involving local communities, businesses, young people and anyone seeking to retrain, engage or participate in the conservation of wildlife.

As a social enterprise, NatureSpy has two main aims;

  1. To engage a variety of social groups and communities in their local green spaces and the wildlife they share them with, encouraging involvement, protection and respect.
  2. To research and conserve wildlife and habitats through study and monitoring.

NatureSpy does not condone or support the use of camera traps as an aid to hunting for sport. We do not use our camera traps in anyway to support hunting.

You can find out more about why NatureSpy is a social enterprise and what this means here.

NatureSpy is registered in England & Wales no. 08933763.

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