A lazy fox on a hot day

Our Deescover Project has been rumbling along, in and around the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB.

NatureSpy’s camera traps, with the help of a wonderful team of volunteers, have been criss-crossing the range and the valley below looking for the wildlife within.

It’s not all been plain sailing – many sites have been much quieter than expected. However, that makes it all the sweeter when a camera comes up with the goods – even if it is a more common species.

This fox (above) was a particularly nice surprise – in a quiet, mature wooded North Wales Wildlife Trust reserve. We actually captured what we think was the same dog fox many times during the early evening – just moseying around, in no particular hurry, not foraging, territory marking – a fox that seems to have found a pretty good spot in the world.

Although, this was also captured when temperatures were above 30C – so perhaps just a hot and bothered fox, staying in the shade!

We also captured some rather playful badgers when the sun went down on this same site – more on that shortly!

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