Wolves & boar – first images back from Croatia

A short while back, we announced that we were teaming up with Bioterra and supporting wildlife monitoring in Croatia. 

The first images and videos are now in – and one of the key apex predators in the area has already made an appearance.

Most of the images we’ve had so far are wolves – particularly two young wolves, around 7 months old.

The new link-up is with fellow NGO Bioterra, based in Croatia. Bioterra is a young organisation primarily run by researchers, and seeks to monitor, record and protect the fantastic wildlife that can be found in Croatia. A major part of their work is using camera traps in remote wildernesses to monitor animals such as wolves, lynx, bears and much more.

The other large animals to appear on the camera trap were wild boar – and lots of them!

NatureSpy’s direct support of their work means more camera traps for their research – meaning more wildlife records, more information and hopefully more protection. Initially, Bioterra have been using a SpyPoint Force 11D that has been sent out to them, which has now been followed up with some Bushnell Aggressor cameras.

Images from these camera traps will be sent back to NatureSpy to be shared on our website and social media, increasing awareness and engagement with some of Europe’s most impressive and most endangered wildlife.

This new project, like all our others, is only made possible by people choosing to buy their camera traps and wildlife-watching kit from the NatureSpy Shop. Every purchase really does help with wildlife monitoring and conservation.

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