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A fox calls – and an answer through the snow

Our first red deer stag on camera trap

Foxes call to each other through the snow (sound essential!)

The North York Moors have long lost the sound of wolves howling through the forests.

However, there is still a canine that calls here – the red fox.

One of the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project camera traps got ‘stuck’ on the Moors over summer, thanks to a jammed padlock. It has now been retrieved (thanks to some boltcutters), and we had 6 months of clips to wade through.

The clip above is one of the more unusual fox captures we have ever caught. A fox, just out of shot (but close enough that it has triggered the camera), calls through the snow. A few seconds later, another fox, somewhere else in the forest, answers, and they continue to call to one another.

There is barely a breath of wind and so the calls can be picked up very clearly, despite a fairly basic microphone on this now-discontinued Bushnell camera trap.

It is highly likely the foxes are calling to locate one another, and could be each other’s mate.

Despite this camera trap being placed to look for pine marten on the North York Moors, we of course pick up a large amount of other wildlife that use these Forestry Commission forests. To date, we have collected over 1800 wildlife records of mammals and birds living here – some of which are very elusive.

The Yorkshire Pine Marten Project is made possible by generous public donations, our wonderful volunteers and people who choose to buy their camera traps and wildlife kit from the NatureSpy Shop. Thanks for all your continued support.

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