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This project is funded by NatureSpy and generous donations from the public. We're currently running a crowd-funder for the next steps of the project.

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Yorkshire Pine Marten Project

Pine marten by Chas Moonie

Image; Chas Moonie

NatureSpy are running an ambitious project to capture the first ever image of a wild pine marten living in Yorkshire.

In August 2017, after 4 years of looking, we finally captured a single male pine marten on Forestry Commission land on the North York Moors. 

Working with the Forestry Commission, the project uses wildlife camera traps in forests across the North York Moors which trigger when a wild animal passes in front of them, snapping a picture or video of the critter.

We'll now be focused on finding out if there are more martens, and supporting any that are here. If you'd like to help the project continue, you can join our crowd-funder for more equipment here

Although the project focuses on looking for martens, the camera traps also collect a wealth of videos and data on the other animals that call these forests home, and allows us to get a glimpse into behaviours and activity that are rarely observed...

Latest videos

For all the latest pine marten project videos and images straight from the camera traps, head over to the project videos page.


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